WP Fires First

Woah. Field report on the first rally for Hougang by-election.  WP starts off this quiet by-election, with a bang. Not a fast BOOM BOOM BOOM that I expected, but WTF, everyone including them are kinda jaded with this by-election and all want it over and done with. WP even ended early at 945pm with 15 minutes more to go. Heh The awkward vibe they were sending was that they are confident but not that hungry. Ooops WP is bitten by the complacent bug! Tsk tsk

The big GE was only last year and Hougang is still filled with WP supporters, so what can go wrong, so WP thinks. On the mood in the air, the crowd wasn’t huge huge and the pockets of cheers, were just that, pockets. The cheers were not the contagious hair-standing rousing WORK-ERS PAR-TY so commonly chanted in the last GE.  The crowd was probably 50-100 x bigger than what PAP might have in their rallies, but still about half or at best, two-thirds of that iconic WP rally night when Yawning Bread took that 2006 photo from blk 837.

Pritam was good, still forceful, fierce and still Mossolini-ish. His was the best crackling speech IMHO of the lot, listing out all the personal failings of past PAP MPs and ministers, Devan, Chean Wan and Wee Khiang were among the names mentioned, and the subtext was that Shin Leong in context, was not that bad. Shin Leong took pussies behind people’s back. He didn’t take money under the table. Nice.

Thia Khiang, Sylvia, Shen Mao were all not 100%. Their delivery was so-so except when Thia Khiang wooed the crowd with his Teochew speech. That Malay dude, Faisal, well he is CMI, let’s be honest. Any of the Malay PAP MPs are better than him. Serious. For Eng Huat, kinda funny that he was trying to woo Teochew Hougang in Hokkien if I wasn’t imagining it. Imagine if Desmond tried to court the crowd in Hokkien, he would be mercilessly mocked. Nobody was jeering at Eng Huat though – double standards is a bitch. LOL.

Honestly, Hougang would vote for any WP candidate anyway even if they pulled Faisal over from Aljunied GRC to stand in Hougang. OK, maybe not anybody. Angela maybe CMI in light of what happened to the former Hougang WP MP.

So with WP’s first broadside shots, the smoke is clearing away and some grapeshots hit the PAP, some did not. As someone who is pro-WP, I tend to be biased that maybe WP is just warming up. But from the empty prep talk earlier, WP’s winning margin will be smaller than that last year if this lackustre speeches are sustained. WP did not focus on policy policy policy. They just touched mostly on Hougang spirit and resilience. Seriously?!  If Desmond gets more than 35.2%, that is bitter-sweet victory enough for him. WP, hold the line and advance, don’t just sit on the deck and don’t take Hougang for granted.


2 Responses to “WP Fires First”

  1. Ponzichoo Says:

    I may go to Desmond Choo’s rally and ask him where the money is coming from for the schemes he is dishing out. As someone would say, it is a Ponzi Scheme!

  2. thevoiddeck Says:

    So did you shout in the end? Ponzi Choo! Pooooo-zi Chooooo? LOL

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