Guide Dogs in Spore: Don’t Know Who is the Real Blind One

Try and read the Sunday Times opinion by uber esteemed Tommy Koh on the state of guide dogs for the visually handicapped (we used to call them the blind) in Spore.

WTF, it really sucks to be disabled here. Actually anywhere but for a errrrr first world Spore, it is double whammy sad as we should have progressed as a “civilized” society. There are some retards who are offended by guide dogs. Seriously, dudes. These mutts are usually trained docile labradors and similar doggies, not your snarling badass Cerberus peeing at your feet and then biting your ankles.

Like that story if true, of someone on the bus or MRT asking the blind person and the guide mutt to move away when the able-bodied whiner could have moved away instead. Huh?Apart from the usual asstard man-on-the-street Sporean and foreigner, since we are equal-opportunities bashers, it seems that it is an uphill task for the blind and their dogs. Like come on, how wrong and unpopular can that karma-winning formula be? A nice friendly dog (don’t pet them when they are working you asstards) to help the blind move around.

You know what is sadder, that the Guide Dogs Association of the Blind has a list of friendly businesses. Yessssss. That implies that there are businesses that are Unfriendly. Although by law guide dogs can be brought into makan joints etc, the particular business or dumbfrack taxi or bus driver can kick them out. WTF,  they are guide dogs, not durians. You know what, there are only 2 guide dogs in Spore now. Not 200, not 20 but 2. I don’t know whether is a matter of cost, support or legislation


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