Lee Hsien Loong & Yakubu

This ministerial pay issue is funny.  On the one side, you have chest-thumping morally righteous people and politicians saying that it’s not enough, must cut deeper etc and if you have a centrist or “this pay-cut ok wat” opinion, will get lambasted left, right and center, and behind.  On the other side you have incumbent politicians, who after GE 2011, seems to be acting like a PlayStation headless chicken controlled by a 10 year-old.


The reality is this: there is no lack of people who will want to be a Prime Minister, an Education Minister blablabla for less than 100k a year. I can easily imagine Alex Tan, that gonzo from RP who stood in Ang Mo Kio who will, I am sure, be satisfied to be a PM pro bono even.  Elitist or not, its all just boils down to bloody common sense, these are positions which cannot just go to any person even if they offer to pay for the job and I think many Sporeans also know this.  It is very simple and logical and practical.  BUT if I say this, I will kena slammed as elitist PAP dog or worst racist some more if your English not good.


Then there will be pseudo historians who will draw from our hallowed history and say that what about our Founding Fathers? They took peanuts what!  In any other situation, a practical Sporean will say, last time Policeman also wear shorts. Wink wink.  But somehow when it comes to this pay issue, everyone is quiet while the “noble” and “righteous” people come out with one reason after another why the pay must be even lower coz the Founding Fathers did it through personal sacrifice.  All I can say is that other than polis wear shorts last time, wanton mee also only one cent last time. Its relative and stop abusing history ok; it shows an embarrassing lack of historical sensibility.  BUT if I say this, I am a LKY dog. Oopsy.


Then there are people who keep saying that even Obama or Sarkozy or Merke is paid less so we should pay even lesser.  If you go ask the great Oscar winner, left-ish Michael Moore, what he thinks of our estimation of how noble US politicians are coz of their “lowly” pay, he will laugh his pants down.  Ever wonder why, despite so many horrific shootings u can still buy a gun and ammo from WalMart? Ever wonder why despite the sub-prime bail-out, Wall Street bankers and traders are still paid exorbitant months of bonuses? Go figure that out.  There is always a price to pay.  And since we are at happy comparisons, why not compare PM pay to Chelsea’s captain John Terry? He earns more than our PM in 8 weeks just by kicking a ball around or should I say chasing a ball?  I think our PM pay is equivalent or maybe even less than Yakubu. BUT if I say this, I am a PAP dog.   Oopsy again.


Its high time that one side get off their imagined moral high round and the other side get more focus and balls on this issue.  Minus all the complex mathematics and formulas and such, it boils down to some simple practical considerations:


If minister pay is not attractive, all the kilat corporate people will happily stay in their cushy Shenton Way jobs, earning obscene amounts of money, while dumbass pro bono politicians will be running the country “loved” by the people. Wink wink.


So in the end, its based on the performance of the politicians. If they perform, its ok. If they don’t perform, we vote them out and wave them the finger. Don’t even bother. And pay plays no part in that.  Simple.  Heh


2 Responses to “Lee Hsien Loong & Yakubu”

  1. ajohor Says:

    agreed and logical.
    The question is not just the pay, it is the performance.

  2. thevoiddeck Says:

    Unfortunately, most people can’t or won’t want to see it that way. Heh

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