Ouch, the Truth Hurts

Well, well, well. Our poor pal Donaldson from New Asia Republic got into trouble lately because of his supposed offensive post about Islam and Muslims. Was it offensive? Hell yes if you are a sensitive Muslim or a NSP politician trying to score uber lame points apologising on behalf of the non-Muslims for remarks made by others.  Nicole before, now Gilbert? Yawn loudly and scratch armpit on NSP opportunism.

Donaldson cheekily added a sign warning that his Facebook posting was flame bait, but some dumbass happily took the chance to snatch that sign up and smash it onto his head. And by doing so, caused more distress to members of their own community as more Muslims are aware of the offensive posting, than if the flame bait was ignored right from day uno. Don’t feed the troll.

So the person who cause more damage and distress was the person who made the offensive posting more controversial and thus viral, not Donaldson who merely made the posting and warned that it was flame bait. Facepalm. If the law was just and poetic, perhaps Amran the Dud should also have the book thrown at him.

We all tip toe gently around Muslims, trying not to offend or startle them, but we usually piss on anyone else publicly as they are not that sensitive about their beliefs ridiculed. Hmm to be fair, some Christians also went berserk with the Last Temptation of Christ and other Hollywood depictions of Jesus. One reason for being apologetic to Muslims here is geopolitical-historical and Spore’s siege narrative, the other is simply it is not politically correct to poke fun at vocal minority groups. Sure, fair enough. However, we don’t usually have that much qualms making fun of gays, fatties, vegetarians, prosperity gospel Christians, Tiongs. Prolly coz we can get away with it. Wink wink. Heh. Double standards is a funny bitch isn’t it and that’s life.

Whether Donaldson was right in terms of internet freedom of expression ala headstrong Jyllands-Posten or wrong in terms of his understanding that he could get away with a clever disclaimer, heh, it doesn’t really matter anymore as the web mob is out to lynch him. It is fashionably politically correct to giddy up on the moral high horse and kick him in the face now with pointy spurs, just like it was trendy politically correct to diss old fogey Harry Lee about his hard truth views on some Muslims early this year. Let’s admit that, and also admit that some people in some religions are just more touchy than others. That’s a fact, even if it might not seem as politically correct to say it aloud.

So the lesson for all of us in the web about some groups being more sensitive than others, akin to not defaming PAP leaders which is something ingrained in all already, don’t slander Islam too.  It’s not worth it.


One Response to “Ouch, the Truth Hurts”

  1. Jezebella Says:

    Your view on Muslims being sensitive is unfair.

    Yes, they are sensitive, but we have to look at why they are sensitive in the first place. They didn’t come up and just decide on the spot to be sensitive. In fact, they were MADE to be sensitive.

    There is a massive media war against Islam (not sure if you’ve noticed that) for the past several years, especially after 9/11. It must be the most attacked religion in the world in our current generation. It’s no wonder Muslims become sensitive. And who can we blame for this? The Muslims?

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