YOG Start Liao!

The ginah Ohlimpic games comes to Sg liao! Yesterday official opening ceremony at froating pratform, supposed to be Sg’s proud moment, but some parts like Sg’s malu moment leh. I is not talking abt the SFI catered dog food for volunteers! I is KPKB abt the part when the countries walk in with their frags, wah CMI man.

Some foreign athletes walk left, some walk right, most of them the face blur fuck and don’t follow the YOG staff in front! KNN if it is NS, most of them kenna run to touch Merlion at Durian and back by CSM! Chope. Not the foreign athletes salah fault! hehe Make the organisers run touch Merlion and back and do star jumps until hernia!Actually super cock coordination by YOG organisers doing the frag walkin, and even cockest recovery as the foreign athletes still clusterfuck on the main stage later.  Some more TV opening ceremony is shown to the world woh!  Halfway thru the walk-in as organisers still didn’t manage to make everybody fall in behind and follow instructions backstage.

You know why? hehe coz those athletes are not Sgporeans lor! They firstly dun understand WTF is happening, and they bochup abt instructions, not like sheep Sgporean kwai kwai obedient follow lor! Lucky got so much fireworks! It is like SOP liao, when stage performance is so-so, to make crowd ooooh-aaaah just set off fireworks! Make money explode into lights and sound in the air next to Sg skyline! hehe

First time ever got YOG and comes here, not Shanghai, not Sydney, not Santiago. Shoot-over-budget 3x to $387 million YOG comes to Sg I actually sarpork lah. Come liao why sabo ourselves. If want to sabo someone, not ourselves but PAP lor later at GE to show our frustration. Oso, the publicity and orgnaisation so far like so-so oni, they shld give free tickets to schools to go and watch, or they have oredi done dat?

Inaugural events got 2 kinds, the nobody gives a fuck one, and the everybody happy excited one. Unfortunately for Sg, it looks like the former leh. Even our own Sgporeans dun care. So kesian yumkong one, esp our Sg athletes who are taking parts now in horse-riding, weight-lifting and those ulu sports. OK so maybe the YOG orgnaisation is fuckup so far, but Sgpore athletes out there, I is still hearts you, sarpok you dip dip. Jiayou!


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