Reform Party M&A Happening Right Now!

Reform Party is showing that it is no pussy pushover when it rolled out its conditions for an alliance. Heh. From the ridiculous terms e.g. Kenneth Jeyaretnam to be installed as either Chair or Sec-Gen and the Reform Party to contest under its own Party flag in wards of its own choosing, it was more like a M&A rather than an alliance.

For many, especially fans of Chiam See Tong and the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), this was a hard act to appreciate. Who was this political youngling to make such demands of an old political sage and expected the Potong Pasir rebel to give in because of his current frail health.

Taking a step back and relooking at this early speed bump towards an opposition conglomerate that leaves out the WP, Kenneth Jeyaretnam is sabre-rattling and demanding preposterous terms so that SDA would reject it and counter-propose. Then they would slowly move towards an accommodating agreement after cycles of offers and counter-offers. Something like haggling at the market. Both sides start at extremes and insult each other with absurd offers, and then they might reach an agreement. Or they might not. Heh.

BTW Reform Party is no innocent clueless kid walking into the political bazaar. Its leader, coached by his dad, knows its dark corners and good partnerships as well from the way he is trying to carve out stall space for his party.

Reform Party is reaching out to SDA because Chiam See Tong might retire from politics soon, leaving a vacuum that Kenneth knows that he is very easily capable of filling. Reform Party is not considering a joint gig  with the other opposition giant, the WP, because Low Thia Khiang is not going anywhere soon, and even if he did, WP Chair and NCMP Sylvia Lim would take over. Kenneth knows that he has nada zero chance there.  Furthermore, from his dad’s history with the WP, and JBJ and WP consequently moving their separate ways, Kenneth cannot make such overtures of reconciliation to the WP for his dad’s sake so soon. Maybe after the next election, but not now. Also on collaboration, crap SDP is not in the sights at all as unlike his dad, Kenneth is more hesitant about openly committing his reputation and scarce resources to hold hands with Chee and his loser party which has no political chance in Spore.

Anyway, the wheeling and dealing is just starting, IMHO Reform Party has to get an alliance to leverage on the SDA’s support base and resources. So let’s just wait and see how it turns out.

Rebel Alliance FTW!

Rebel Alliance FTW!


8 Responses to “Reform Party M&A Happening Right Now!”

  1. Donalson Tan Says:

    There are people in SDA who also want to fill Chiam’s shoes.

  2. Bo Zheng Hu Says:

    Dude, I hear you. But none of them have the X factor to make them leader of the SDA – it’s an image thingy, a legend or a story that they cannot match yet. Chiam dwarfed them all. Kenneth is in a way similarly larger than life and thus has the intangible oooomph to fill Chiam’s shoes. Look at Obama. He has that X factor too in many ways.

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  4. AC Says:

    Whether the terms are ridiculous or not, that may be a matter of perception relative to how strong Kenneth believes his position to be. But his public reaction to the leakage of terms is most ill advised – it is not difficult to have his words come across as dismissive, divisive or demanding.

    There is a good reason that the papers are gleefully publishing the exchange between SDA and RP right now – the exchange paints the opposition in a bad light and exposes Kenneth’s inexperience at canvassing the court of public opinion.

  5. Bo Zheng Hu Says:

    AC – Heh. The leakage of terms. Some would call it transparency. Others would call it breaking of a tacit non-disclosure agreement. Reminds me of the CHC buying of Suntec thingy!

    But I don’t think the disagreement puts the opposition in a bad light yet. Nah. Just because they are all opposition, they don’t all have to sing in the shower together soaping each other. They can do their own thing and be disunited now if they want. They only better be united when the election comes.

  6. Watcher Says:

    Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s demands are extreme and his recent letter to the forum is equally demanding on SDA.

    But he revealed something interesting – Chiam See Tong agreed to his alliance but it was rejected outright by SDA later? The terms for alliance were extreme and yet Chiam agreed? Something is not right and Chiam was not thinking straight if he went into a deal with Reform Party before consulting his SDA cadres. Lina Chiam who is supposedly protecting her husband’s interests also agreed to the Reform Party’s terms thrown at Chiam’s feet? Luckily SDA tossed these original terms aside.

  7. Net Pundit Says:

    Mrs Chiam becoming more prominent and political ever since she came out to attack Chee Soon Juan over his 1993 usurping of the SDP leadership. Since Chiam became ill, there is a likelihood that she is making SPP decisions in his name. A hasty observation is that maybe all this while Chiam was driven politically by his wife and now with Chiam slowing down, she has to step out and step up the pace for both of them, or for her. Besides, if Chiam and his wife initially committed the party to the Reform Party pact, how can they consult their CEC at all and they don’t care about party discipline or interests, since the terms were slanted in favour of Reform Party.

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