Emproyer CPF Contribution Upz Woh!

Waahhsay! Happy Labour Day man. Our gahment heart turned soft sial! Emproyer CPF contribution restoration to go up by 1% pt to total CPF contribution 35.5% by 12 mths time (20% employee and 15.5% employer, for those below 50 years old). If we comprain to gahment more and more abt our xenophobia, expensive resale HDB flats coz Sgporeans are trying to robert foreigners buying them and high minister salaries, waaah gahment takut and even restore emproyer CPF to 20% and makes total CPF contribution to 40% before Asian financial crisis dat time. Come on jiayou, let’s KPKB more! Gahment say at mostest restore emproyer CPF cao cao 16%. I dun believe! I is cocksure gahment can restores to 20% ….errrrrrrrrrrr…before GE and then cuts back to even 15.5% emproyer CPF contribution within 1 yr of GE!

hehe but chope. Let’s take the kopitiam GE babi barrel politics+CPF restoration gossip with a big pinch of garam. Last time emproyer CPF contribution upz was in July 2007, when total CPF kee from 33% to 34.5%. Pwah, CPF naik after the GE and not before the GE. Unless this is first time CPF used to woo voters hehe. Depends how we wants to see it lah. Oso, homeowners and those who chased mkt and buy vely expensive 99LH ulu condo and now scared SIBOR slowly rising; dun anyhow happy hor think CPF restoration by 1% pt means more $ for your mortgage. 0.5% increase from September 2010 is go to your Medisave Account and 0.5% 6 mths after dat from March 2011 is to your Special Account hor. Kosong goes to your OA!

But if you is employer, sure sibei dulan. Yah Q1 growth 13% sial and economy juz picked up, but conpirm not all sectors picked up evenly wat. Nahbeh must upz CPF by 1% coz gahment wants to be populist and sayang its dear citizens. Emproyers wat to do now that business costs go up coz of CPF restoration? Muz lobby gahment cut corporate tax next Budget from now 17% to 16% lor. After all, second 0.5% pt increase is oni from March 2011 and budget is usually February every yr. You hopes ah gong can oso take cares of you!


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