The NSP's War Chest Grows and Prepares for Expansion

Our bud Goh Meng Seng is making the news in the right way. He finally came out and explained that he was selling his 4-room HDB flat not to finance his political campaigning in the next GE, but to bolster the National Solidarity Party’s war chest and help out fellow National Solidarity Party candidates who might need the extra moolah in the next election. RESPECT dude. Come on, all Sporeans gotta respect that, even diehard PAP sycophants.

I remembered what Meng Seng said during the last GE. That political idiot James Gomez almost tripped the Workers’ Party Aljunied GRC chance when he falsely insinuated the govt of hiding his election-related  forms and sabotaging his election chance. When the PAP went to town with the facts  putting a I-am-dork conical hat on James, Meng Seng did a clever recovery, rallied and worked the crowd up and stressed that as a NS officer, he learnt one important thing and that it was “leave no man behind”, implying that the WP would not abandon James Gomez at that point right in the middle of the GE. Leave no man behind.

Meng Seng, as NSP Secretary-General, has again showed leadership when he pledged his own HDB cashcow (particularly in today’s $900,000 Bishan HDB “penthouse” prices) to be sacrificed for the sake of his party. Meng Seng was careful and made it clear that his leadership example was neither spectacular nor unique and other political leaders have inspired him to be so, even first generation PAP elders and his former Workers’ Party boss Low Thia Khiang.  Maybe it is only moi, but it puts the idea of sacrifice in politics in context.  LOL was that a pointy dig about PAP ministers making so-called huge sacrifices and must be paid millions in salary as compensation? There are sacrifices and there are sacrifices. Meng Seng gained +10 Humility and +10 Others before Self.

Is this pledge of his fortune, putting everything on the line and leaving politics altogether a make or break tactic if he is defeated by the voters again? Since it is ultimately the voters and not the PAP which has the final say altho the PAP would use HDB pork-barrel politics again. YAWN. BTW pork-barrel politics are common anywhere and not unique to the PAP, the next govt after the PAP would also make use of that I’m sure.  Anyway, Meng Seng’s unconfirmed ultimatum also reminded me of Steve Chia in 2006 who pledged his MP allowance to his ward if he won a MP seat in parliament and also that he would quit politics if the voters did not give him a seat.  Unfortunately for Steve and perhaps for all Spore, Choa Chu Kang voters were not enthusiastic about the SDA candidate. Heh. For our bud Meng Seng, who is focusing on HDB cost vs market subsidy it seems which is a FTW platform, time will tell.

Madcow and the sacrifice of his HDB cashcow. Hail. (Thumps fist on armour)

Hold the line! Stay with me!

Hold the line! Stay with me!


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